Conservacion Patagonica IDIOMA: ESPAÑOL


Leadership team

Paul Bauman—Vice President of Strategy and Development,
Tompkins Conservation

For over 30 years Paul has concentrated his work and professional studies in conservation and public policy. He joined Tompkins Conservation in October 2015 as the lead development officer, generating support for the organization from public and private foundations and individuals. Before joining Tompkins Conservation, Paul spent 13 years at the Nature Conservancy, first with the Colorado Chapter, followed by 10 years on TNC's global priorities team. Dr. Bauman's professional background includes senior administrative and faculty positions at the University of Colorado in Denver and has participated in multiple publications and conference presentations. Paul lives and works out of Boulder, Colorado.


Erin Bauman—Projects Coordinator, Tompkins Conservation

Erin works in development and administration for the organization. Her background includes studies in Latin American History and Anthropology, which lead her to spend time living in Mexico, Venezuela, and Ecuador. Her travels also brought her to Rome, Italy where she worked as the assistant director of an English language school. Erin’s interest in conservation started at age 11 when she became a dedicated bicycle commuter and began studying the affects of human population growth on the environment. Erin now lives in her hometown of Boulder, Colorado.


Ingrid Espinoza—Coordinator of Land and Mapping Program

Ingrid studied Forestry at the University of Chile, Santiago and joined the team in 2001 to help develop the Alerce 3000 project at Pumalin Park. Ingrid runs the land research, acquisition and mapping programs for both Conservacion Patagonica and The Conservation Land Trust – Chile. Ingrid has relished the chance to participate in these conservation projects, as both have allowed her to “understand the diversity of her country, its landscapes and its people, and to contribute to the protection and appreciation of our natural heritage.” She currently lives on the Pillan Farm in Pumalin Park with her husband and enjoys photography and watching wildlife.

Dagoberto Guzman—Superintendant, Patagonia National Park Project

Originally from Santiago, Dago studied agricultural engineering at the Universidad Católica in Santiago. While in college, he took a class trip to Pumalin Park where he first met Doug and Kris. After graduating, Dago and his wife, Alejandra Retamal, moved to southern Chile to work on conservation. Dago became the Superintendent of Pumalin Park, where he played a key role in the park’s creation. In both Pumalin and Patagonia National Parks, Dago’s aim has always been to protect these areas for hundreds of years to come, and, as he says, “to conserve and restore a representative and ecologically viable park of an ecosystem, and to allow people to experience the wonder of the healthy natural world.” A self-described “mountaineer forever,” Dago proposed to Alejandra engaged on the Aconcagua summit at 6,959 meters. Dago and Alejandra live in the Chacabuco Valley with their two children, Andres and Bruno.


Paula Herrera—Volunteer Program Coordinator and Park Veterinarian

Born in Talca, Chile, Paula studied veterinary medicine at the University of Chile, Santiago, and subsequently worked as a vet with cows, cats and dogs. She came to work for Conservacion Patagonica in January of 2006; she currently runs the volunteer program and the lodge, while also putting her veterinary skills to good use with horses and small animals in the park. Paula loves that her job allows her to meet people from around the world who are passionate about the environment, as well as witnessing the daily progress made in ecosystem restoration in the park. She is thrilled that the volunteer program is accomplishing critical landscape restoration work, and looks forward to the day when the park will be the “Torres del Paine of the Aysen region.” Paula lives with her husband, Cristian Saucedo, and their two sons, Martin and Benjamin, in Valle Chacabuco.


Anna Juchau—Program Assistant/Office Coordinator

California born, Anna moved to British Columbia, Canada with her family at a young age. There she began her seven years as a core team member of the Natural Leaders Alliance of Canada, working to engage Canadian youth in the outdoors. Anna attended McGill University in Montreal, earning a BA in International Development Studies with a focus on Environment and Agricultural Resources. In 2015, Anna moved to Oakland, California to pursue her career in agricultural and environmental non-profit work. Over the summer she worked for the Community Food and Justice Coalition as an intern and later for Fair Trade Campaigns as the Marketing Campaigns Assistant. Anna is delighted to now be working for Conservacion Patagonica in the San Francisco office, supporting the creation of national parks and the preservation of wild spaces.


Alison Kelman—Communications Director

A Massachusetts native, Alison graduated from Colorado College with a degree in history and journalism. After interning at Outside magazine in Santa Fe, New Mexico in 2009, Alison launched a career as a freelance writer and editor. Alison comes to us from Patagonia, Inc, where she ran the DC store’s environmental grants program. Inspired after volunteering down at the park in 2014, Alison is now thrilled to work full time protecting one of the world’s wildest places. In her spare time, Alison loves running, hiking, listening to podcasts, and exploring the California coast.


Esther Li—Controller

Born and raised in San Francisco, Esther is a certified public accountant (inactive) with a Master’s degree in Taxation. She has worked for the Foundation for Deep Ecology for over 15 years and volunteers with various nonprofit organizations in the San Francisco Chinese community. Esther enjoys traveling around the world, seeing the sights and trying new food.


Pablo Martinez—Landscaping Manager

Pablo has worked for Doug and Kris for many years, beginning as a landscaper in Pumalin Park. With an extensive background in landscaping, Pablo focuses his park projects on the use of all native species, which is bolstered by his interest in ecologically friendly landscaping. Pablo currently lives in the park with his wife, Ninosca, and their daughter, Sara.


Hernán Mladinic – Executive Director, Fundación Pumalín

Hernan has a degree in sociology from the University of Chile and a master of arts in environmental studies from the University of Toronto. He has been the executive director of the Pumalín Park Project, providing him the “opportunity to do important work in the company of extraordinary people.” Outside of work, Hernan is a movie buff who also enjoys good music—from jazz to tango—and reading essays on environmental ethics and development. He lives in the countryside outside of Puerto Varas with his wife.


Carolina Morgado—Director of Guest Services

Carolina Morgado began her career with Douglas and Kristine Tompkins over 20 years ago as her personal assistant. As the influence of Tompkins Conservation and the development of conservation projects were on the rise, so did its role within the organization. Her tenacity and strength, as well as her outstanding participation in the campaign Patagonia without Dams and in the creation of the Pumalín Park, have allowed her to assume like Coordinator for Chile of Tompkins Conservation. Currently, Carolina participates in the team that works with the Government of Chile in order to realize the important donation that Tompkins Conservation will make to the State of Chile. This donation, which includes Parque Pumalín and Parque Patagonia, among other properties, is part of a project to create the Route of Parks. She currently works in the offices of Tompkins Conservation in the beautiful city of Puerto Varas, Chile, gateway to the Chilean Patagonia.


Cristian Saucedo—Conservation Director

Christian Saucedo Galvez trained as a veterinarian at the University Chile. For several years he worked for the Chilean Forest Service (CONAF) in theAysen and Bio - Bio Regions, focusing on the conservation and study of the endangered huemul in protected areas and private properties. Since 2005, he has served as the Conservation Director of Conservacion Patagonica, working on the project of converting Estancia Valle Chacabuco into the future Patagonia National Park. He has been involved in monitoring iconic native species of wildlife as the huemul, rhea, puma and Andean condor. He has also collaborated on initiatives launched by the National Parks Administration (APN, Argentina), the Committee for the Defense of Flora and Fauna (CODEFF), the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) and the Huilo-Huilo Foundation.


Macarena Soler—Lawyer, Conservation Land Trust-Chile

Macarena has worked in Pumalín for the past nine years, having previously trained as a lawyer at the Universidad Católica de Chile. Macarena was instrumental in achieving a major victory against the HidroAysén dams, in which the court of appeals in Puerto Montt ordered all permitting and initial construction be put on hold pending the outcome of the court’s review. Though temporary, this decision was an unprecedented and historic milestone. In addition to cooking, painting, and various crafts, Macarena enjoys working in the park as it allows her to live amongst the work she most believes in.

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