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Scientific Advisory Board

Thomas Lovejoy is the Heinz Center Biodiversity Chair and a professor at George Mason University. He was formerly the World Bank's Chief Biodiversity Advisor and Lead Specialist for Environment for Latin America and the Caribbean, and Senior Advisor to the President of the United Nations Foundation. He conceived the idea for the Minimum Critical Size of Ecosystems project, originated the concept of debt-for-nature swaps, and is the founder of the public television series Nature. In 2001 he was awarded the Tyler Prize for Environmental Achievement and in 2009 received the BBVA Foundations Frontiers of Knowledge Award in Ecology and Conservation Biology. Dr. Lovejoy served on science and environmental councils or committees under the Reagan, Bush, and Clinton administrations.

Rodolfo Gajardo Michell, a professor of biology and forestry at the University of Chile, specializes in applied ecology and conservation. His research has focused on mapping and studying trees and plants within ecosystems. He has been published in numerous scientific and technical journals, and is especially known for his book Natural Vegetation of Chile, Classification and Geographic Distribution. At the University of Chile, he helped create and develop the Masters in Forestry and Nature Conservation, serving as the program's first director. He has served on numerous national and international committees as an expert in applied ecology, endangered species, national parks, and restoration ecology.

Stuart Pimm is Doris Duke Chair of Conservation Ecology at the Nicholas School of the Environment at Duke University, and one of the most-cited scientists working in the field of conservation biology. He is the author of The World According to Pimm: A Scientist Audits the Earth, and many articles in technical and popular journals including New Scientist, Scientific American, Nature, and Science. His awards include a Pew Scholarship for Conservation and the Environment and an Aldo Leopold Leadership Fellowship. In 2004, Pimm was elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.

John W. Terborgh is a James B. Duke Professor of Environmental Science and is co-director of the Center for Tropical Conservation at Duke University. He is a member of the National Academy of Science. An authority on avian and mammalian ecology in Neotropical forests, Dr. Terborgh has published numerous articles and books on conservation themes. Since 1973 he has operated a field station in Peru's Manu National Park where he has overseen the research of more than 100 investigators. In 1992 he was awarded a John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Fellowship in recognition of his distinguished work in tropical ecology, and in 1996 he was awarded the National Academy of Science Daniel Giraud Elliot medal for his research, and for his book Diversity and the Tropical Rainforest. He has served on several boards and advisory committees related to conservation, including the Wildlands Project, Cultural Survival, The Nature Conservancy, World Wildlife Fund, and both the Primate and Ecology Specialist groups of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature.

Juan C. Torres-Mura, a biologist and ecologist, has served as an investigator at the National Museum of Natural History of Santiago since 1987; he has also taught at several Chilean universities. He has published over 100 articles in Chilean and international scientific journals, popular magazines, and books. He has participated in more than 50 scientific congresses and belongs to numerous scientific societies. Torres-Mura has also served as the editor of publications such as the Revista Chilena de Historia Natural. He is member of the Scientific Committee of Cabo de Hornos Reserve, the National Committee of Wetlands, and the Committee of the Wild Species Classification. His research focuses on Chile's wildlife, natural history, and ecosystems, leading him to work in diverse regions of Chile, from Visviri in the Andean highlands to Cabo de Hornos and oceanic islands.

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A Conversation with Stuart Pimm
(12/21/12) Dr. Stuart Pimm, conservation biologist and member of CP’s Science Advisory Board, speaks with CP Communications Director Nadine Lehner about his work at the future Patagonia National Park.
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Gigpanning Patagonia, by Dr. Stuart Pimm
(6/21/11) In this post, Dr. Stuart Pimm explains a new project he has introduced to the future park: using Gigapan imagery technology to create a detailed and precise photographic record of ecosystem changes.
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Thomas Lovejoy Awarded the Blue Planet Prize
(7/5/12) During the Rio+20 summit, Conservacion Patagonica’s very own Scientific Advisory Board member Dr. Thomas Lovejoy was honored with the Blue Planet Prize.
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